Atkins Diet

Carbohydrates in foods increase insulin secretion the low carb diet is known throughout the world, mainly due to the great success in losing weight. This is a special form of nutrition, which involves avoidance of carbohydrates in the daily meals. The low carb diet is already long ago nothing more than a temporary diet Variant used. There are several versions of this diet. The differences are mainly in the extent of the reduction in carbohydrate. There are strict low carb diets, where almost entirely on carbs is abandoned. A such diet is dei Atkins diet. Other diets see the waiver only special types of carbohydrate, such as for example the Logi method. When other diets, the low-carbohydrate diet is created at the end of the day, as for example with several types of cutting food. Food bestehtn of carbohydrates, fat and protein. The three have different meanings for the organism. The low carb diet considered the negative impact of carbohydrates, the it trying to avoid. These include: blood sugar levels by simple carbs the lack of fat at a high glucose levels increased insulin secretion by carbohydrates sequelae such as in particular diabetes type 2 the conversion of carbohydrates into fat tissue at high recording by the low carb diet to these negative effects be avoided where this, however no complete waiver of carbohydrates is necessary. Actually a strict reduction in carbohydrate can cause other side effects, which take effect from an excessive intake of other food ingredients”, explains Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog So, for example, constantly increased protein consumption to that excess protein in urine by the kidneys is excreted, which can ultimately lead to a burden of kidney lead. A low carb diet, it is assumed for a long time, should therefore not a strict Variant be performed, instead reducing simple carbohydrates or even the absence of carbohydrates at the later time of day is recommended. There are especially simple carbohydrates, which can lead to the already mentioned effects, or the fat loss is enhanced by the abandonment of carbohydrates in the evening”, says Tobias Fendt. This is the blood glucose level kept constant during the night and hardly insulin secreted. A muscle or six pack training is of course even more effective if you professional step for step guide, which one explain exactly what to do and greatly improves the training success. How exactly you should train his ABS, fitness expert Tobias Fendt shows in his free 7 Sixpack checklists see Tips on how to hold a low carb diet, but also accompanying recipes can ernahrung/the low-carb-diat interested parties… read. Have fun and success in the training!

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