Dog Man – Man Dog,

as the dog becomes the friend of the people it all starts at the puppy age. Of course the fear of people. Therefore, you should get your small dog people quickly and early. Our human instinct tells us that we must protect our puppies. So we shield him, so that he can settle first. This can be true for humans. But the puppy is a dog. He used the best and fastest to everything with which they confront him. Something to show she could not explain your”o0der” should be safe or normal for him. You must allow him to experience it. So out with you and your dog. Go to the sales at the Mall take tram, subway, bus, and car with your dog. Sit in the Cafe. Let play children with it. Or host a welcome party for the puppies. Prepare a bowl of treats at the door. So each new guest can bring something the dog. Learn more on the subject from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. What’s going to happen? Your dog will be happy about every visit. Of course, get Not the ideal watchdog but you never trouble have you with the postman and also visit comes still like to you, but also your dog because all of you not only warmly be welcomed. Julia Martsch

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