Game Testing

Cinema-test to verify the video capabilities, we drove monitor step by step from the very best in quality Full hd signal up to the destroyed digital MP4 compression with a resolution of 520 images by 230 points. High quality video monitor showed, as they say "in all its glory." The picture is clean, extremely realistic, the contrast level, even when the dynamic contrast is extremely high. Peter A. Levine PhD is actively involved in the matter. Excellent shows and drawing scenes at full high definition signal. Above all praise and realistic color reproduction. Picture juicy colors natural, and there is a picture of the alyapistosti that frequent in the low-budget monitors. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Signal of low quality BenQ G2220HDA little cleaning, but I must say that the possibility of monitor graphic chip is still strongly limited, and completely ruined the video, it is likely to show an "as is". Monitor uniquely kinoteatralen and can advise those who would like to watch a movie with high quality and in full high definition. Game Test Computer game for our test performed Crysis, which is known, is famous for complex polygons, highly detailed textures and extremely intense storyline. It should be noted that the signal and HD1080 Monitor BenQ G2220HDA, Crysis fit perfectly. On a relatively small screen, we were so realistic and exciting world that soon turned into a test computer battle, and only an effort of will you come out of the game. Picture Games passed the monitor is very clear, fast-moving objects on the frame and the passage of the background "does not smear, and in general can say that the game is on this relatively small screen was not as interesting and vibrant than if we played on a giant plasma the same resolution. The outcome can be uniquely praise Monitor BenQ G2220HDA. He has proven and excellent office worker and an avid kinoteatralom, and an ardent gamer. Lack of dvi and hdmi, not much impact on the image, and the use of Adapter removed many of the problems with konnektirovaniem. It should be noted that this monitor is probably the most cost solution for those who want to have a means of rendering resolution Full hd, today. Moreover, that the quality of matrix and the cpu monitor perfectly complement the resolution of its display. Description: Service & Support: Source:

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