Russian Clinics

Since then, Bad Reichenhall gained international calling. The city has many sights and many of them are directly related to health. Town Hall of the foundation in 1849, in 1924 the walls were painted with scenes devoted to the history of the city. In the north-east of the town hall is the parish church of St. Nicholas with a beautiful Romanesque portal (1181). Through beginning of the xix century Gradierverke. Gradierverke – grand structure of the pine branches, which drain salt water. This structure helps to improve the health of people suffering from respiratory diseases. Physicians say, after sitting in a park next to Gradierverke or hiking around for some time, thus for its healing properties is equivalent to visiting the sea. According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who has experience with these questions. There is also a magnificent thermal baths' Rupertus Terme '. Thermal water in this complex salt. In the Bavarian Alps in more than 250 million years, lies an ancient sea salt. Water saturated with salt, is extracted through wells from the depths of 450 meters and fed directly into the thermal complex with 26,5% salt content. Mineral water diluted with pure spring water fills the Alps to swimming pools. Different pools of salt concentration ranges from 2% to 12%. The resort town has several hospitals, we want to Note the famous rehab 'Prince – Regent Luitpold', which is profiled in the treatment and diagnosis of broncho-pulmonary diseases. The clinic employs the Russian-speaking doctors and nurses, which allows qualitatively treated and diagnosed the Russian-speaking patients. You have the ability to order medical tours to the famous spa resort of Bad Reichenhall. It is possible to live both in the clinic and in the hotel, which is located opposite the clinic. This unique hotel in Bavaria – St. Additional information is available at David E Shaw. Georg. It was built in Bavarian style, has spacious rooms with large balconies and all rooms are equipped with kitchenettes. Located in the heart of the city opposite the park and thermal complex 'Rupertus Terme Spa and Fitness Resort. " If you stay in it you will not have a language barrier, as the hotel is managed by a German tour operator 'Euro-Alpes-Travel', which takes Russian-speaking tourists in the region, providing them with the most comfortable and memorable stay. Standard treatment tours can be of different duration: one week to three weeks. There are different programs such as health restorative measures, active recreation a week, a compact program with broncho-pulmonary diseases, compact program for osteochondrosis, the program rehabilitation in diseases of veins, a program of rehabilitation measures for diabetes, as well as the 'Alpine Health' varying saturation, 'Alpine salt', which are based rehabilitation Clinics' Prince – Regent Luitpold 'and a variety of spa programs based on thermal complex' Rupertus Terme Spa and Fitness Resort. " Selecting medical tours in Bad Reichenhall, you will have the opportunity to not only improve health, but and visit the unique places of historic value that are in the national park of Germany Berchtesgadener Land.

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