Natasha Balsky

Just a few seconds later, he appeared running Isaac, the husband of Ruth. He was agitated and nervous. – As it has gone?. Forgive my delay, – told him while he kissed tenderly on the lips to Ruth, – is that I had an intervention at the last moment that made me late. By their faces – he said laughing, – I don’t need to tell me how it has fared. They are already do colleagues three, truth?– Yes, all three have obtained an eight – Ruth replied proud. Do-an eight? – said with astonishment face Isaac – congratulate them. It is not that they have no notes like this, have had the best yet, but with nerves which means surrender the last matter, this eight has double value. Let us seek a telephone to alert the results to your respective fathers. They will be as eager as you were and then we are going to drink all together to celebrate-were at the bar in the same hospital where almost all were celebrating the same thing, but of course, also other professionals and patients, were as usual. They asked for a bottle of champagne, despite the fact that they were all without eating. Isaac served the four cups and everyone lifted them to provide. -Congratulations DRA. Gladys Carelli – told all three together. -Thank you, replied Glayds with a beautiful smile, which laid bare his perfect white teeth. Congratulations Dr. Ruth Kurosky – returned to repeat, while making sonar cups. -Thank you too,-said with the same joy that had shown Gladys, and returned to make sonar the cups. Congratulations Dr. Natasha Balsky.-sorry, but someone had to be her last in receiving the congratulations and you touched you-, Gladys told him derisively. -Does not have the minor the order with which we have provided, the only really important thing is that we could provide by three and turn this day into a full day of happiness – responded Natasha.

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