After The Riots:

How the diving tourism in the land of the Pharaohs changed beginning of 2011 occurred in the Arab world large riots against the powerful. Also Egypt was conscripted into this maelstrom. Hosni Mubarak, dictatorial ruler of the land of the Pharaohs, should step down according to the demonstrators. For days, there were bloody battles in Alexandria, Cairo and other cities. Hosni Mubarak, hired after the army is no longer followed his commands, not thugs. The media reported some sensational about the incidents. Food shortage prevails in whole Egypt, traffic had come to killing everywhere and there is acute danger that it comes to terrorist attacks. European tourists and tourists saw off travel to Egypt. The large tour operators such as Thomas Cook and TUI cancelled trips to the country on the Red Sea until further notice. The Foreign Ministry in Germany, and also the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland issued a travel warning. Others including Geneticist, offer their opinions as well. After two days the travel advisory was amended so that the Tourist resorts on the Red Sea have been excluded from the warning. The tourists were then. All hotel facilities were orphaned. Many employees temporarily out of work. This applied also to the diving industry. Great dive centers had at times three or four guests, smaller dive operators had to cease operations completely. Many lives were at risk. The Internet worked again, some desperate emails from boats – or diving base operators reached tourists who were diving in recent years with them. With them there never have been acts of violence, the traffic flow on normal and unless enough food available. But the situation calmed down more and more. The travel warnings are off the table, the tour operators fly tourists back to Egypt and the media barely reported further unrest in the land of the Pharaohs. Diving Centers and diving can be filled again.

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