Boby Dylan

Do do do do colleague you think that the patient does not perceive evil, which you do not answer the greeting? that you don’t shake hand? which Ud do not look even? which Ud would not examine? cannot explain you? Colleague like to you that they met, while the doctor spends talking on the cell phone? Do colleague you would like to tell you that such liver nodule is nothing and a week tell you that s Cancer? not right? Colleague you would ask you 3 questions, you don’t consider, send you 10 analysis and give you an appointment for 45 days? go desolate out isn’t it? Do colleague would you like to wait for 2-3 hours until you attend because the doctor this busy? These facts make our relationship with patients to have feet of clay. In a struggle of strategies could be used this bad relationship doctor/patient to lie down the strike, therefore in the debio prepatoria influence in changing the behaviour of the doctor to the patient, now there is no time of wear masks or blindfolds, is the hour of reality and reality ends imposing on the comedy OMENS of MISFORTUNE does not want to be omens of misfortuneI am a doctor, I have been a leader of the Federation medical I, I strike hunger medical protagonize in the cradle of the Apra and feel a voice that emerges from the bottom of my past that urges me to wish the success of the strike, but it is time to remember to Cervantes the way is better than the Inn and there is Street, There is the village, on the road!, greet, narrow your hand, be kind, explaining the reasons for the strike the people is noble maybe forget so many abuse and support them hopefully!.

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