lately, it is playing a game at the regional level is to deliver sovereign independence. Click Somatic Experiencing to learn more. In this game you can, is allowed and encouraged to change history, to argue with the violence of fists, insulting and threatening the opponent, the proclaimed sovereign and independent, creating subjects, the navel-gazing, manipulating and prohibit certain traditions, the result on the streets, at university, at conferences Democrat who does not want to play, keeping certain privileges and transforming the citizen into client or server, the dismantling and discrediting of associations that are not " by and for "play, re-educating future colleagues, and even the cute dress with a silk dress … That is, you can do many things, so many things! that there is little time for a warning that something is wrong. Yes!, It seems that there is something in this game that can not admit, which is considered a scourge and should be ignored. This vision has narrowed the playing field. This vision, acts the same way in computer games where fog or vision of the battlefield reveals just beyond a stone's throw move where their heroes. Perhaps that is why in the education system thinking and the pursuit of truth does not have "entry". Also, you can see the participation of the media who live in this game, they can be seen as avoided as far as possible (just published), any discourse that might undermine the game of sovereign independence, for those who are the top candidates to win usually funded, monitored and given appropriate coverage by licenses to these reports and put all the difficulties which are not the work of practicing this game … The practice of marketing work with small endlessly repeated slogans that are paving the way and redirecting to the players. There is little alternative, therefore, we received indications show us the way, that is, we focus on our daily lives and how to be a good players, thinking that there may be "disruptive" to induce reflection or pursuit of truth, as a rule, this "element" must be left without coverage or translate it to a minimum. "One" can only be thought of as fun in eating, in how to win in the game of sovereign independence, but at this point and that is important, you must stop thinking. If, moreover, that in Catalonia, you must do in Catalan. But like any game, there is always final and may not like this ending the independent sovereign of certain regions, and will not take long to see, as they hasten (promptly) to terminate the game at first victory get, it does not want to meet (if they continue playing and keep playing the same), with the dismemberment of their region to a plethora of "dwarf" that also required its sovereign independence. Yes! This is the game, that is, if we continue playing, small independent sovereign will also want to win and get a title like "President of the region a sovereign and independent …" starting to implement that other autonomy in our small, beloved and never forgotten regions that are suffering and suffering allegedly regional centralism … And then who will? . The safest thing is to say that the game is over, ie no longer can keep playing to be sovereign and independent, it is wrong to ask the counties to begin the search for their sovereignty and independence … But perhaps, by a simple matter of survival, start another game that would be annexing other neighboring regions.

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