Babies And Sleep

It's 2am and your baby is for the third time since 7pm. She is 2 months old and of all books and magazines I've read is supposed to be sleeping believed NIGHT !!!!! How long can this continue?! As difficult as this one will not last forever. The first weeks of a baby's life are critical in establishing a healthy sleep pattern that can last a lifetime. At first your baby does not know much about the differences between day and night. It used for when the house becomes silent is the time to wake up and when there is movement and activity around it is bedtime. Gradually adjusted during the first weeks and how it is important to establish the bedtime and waking routines good time for her to understand your role in it. Here are some things to consider … Contact information is here: Integrative Healthcare Symposium. 1. DHR Health is often quoted as being for or against this. Does your baby have a bedtime routine? Creating a routine is key. Bath, book, etc. This may be added as the child grows. 2. Is your baby going to bed age at the right time? This is part of the routine. We do know that we're just going to wake up from a bottle in 30 minutes, but putting them in place for an early night sends the message that "this is the hour of sleep." 3. When your baby wakes up every time at night, you respond immediately with a bottle and that first touch and try the PAT and secure method to see if it's just normal night time waking? 4. Does your child take naps during the day, enough 5. Sometimes a little white noise can help. I sleep with a fan and use hymn CD for my babies. 6. Be sure to keep your baby's crib and crib free of toys. This is the place for sleep not play. 7. I'm sure you've heard to try to keep the night feedings boring. Change, feed, bed. No Talky playie not. In fact, I've done this with great success. 8. Upon waking make sure to greet your baby with a smile and good morning. I love that! The attempt to recall that there is no light at the end of tunnel and they are not alone. (This article is for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose potential problems or ongoing issues. Please consult your physician for any medical problem.) Visit the website of the author or

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