Employment Records

Many staff members all suffer and endure, and a few months, but the result is forced to quit on their own, that does not work book records unseemly. Of course, the position resigned the employee is clear: let the record will be subsequently corrected by the court, but the reputation is supposed to be irrevocably damaged. Although in practice the people and after “bad” employment records are arranged quite normal to work unless some really good professionals. Yes, and look at the situation there is also another angle: If a potential employer embarrassing record in the employment record of the applicant for reinstatement by the decision court, not whether it should embarrass most of the applicant? If a potential employer is concerned that employee is able to defend their legitimate interests, then all is well with this aspect of this organization? Do not repeat history of harassment, and whether the employee will not have to end up once again to engage in chicanery? However, do not always understand the position of the employer, employee extruded: why expend energy, time and nerves (and also, and the personnel officer, and immediate superior officer) for a few months to get to write an application on their own? Is it not better in a good agreement with the employee about the separation and spend these forces, time and nerves on something more productive? Not at all – in order not to pay one employee severance pay for three months (and then – if the job does not suit) under the formal procedure of downsizing, is spent working while a few people within six months. And if some of these objectionable, and must deal with each? Of course, in such an enterprise will collapse and crisis. And the end, all these sufferings the employer can be very sad for him – the restoration of the same employee at work – for example, all district courts overwhelmed with such cases. And the workers are very often recovered – any error in registration may result in dismissal winning member of the case and, therefore, do the employer is very expensive. Nevertheless, many employers and personnel officers slowly begin to be interested in the procedure of termination of employment by mutual agreement, which shall be made in any form. At Ultra Wellness Center you will find additional information. The agreement to terminate the employment contract must specify details of the parties of the employment contract and the conditions under which made termination of employment contract. Ie, it can be simply stated: the labor contract is terminated with a certain date. You can also add the condition of compensation for dismissal – eg, the employee relies so much salary, or any other. And so everything is made in exactly the same as in other cases, termination of employment contract: ordered the dismissal is a corresponding entry in the workbook with a link to an article of the Labor Code..

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