Laser Hair Removal Laser

Laser hair removal laser is hair removal by laser, and is based on the laser penetrates the skin and transmits its energy to the hair follicle due to the melanin in the hair, removing the hair without damaging your skin. Photoepilation is called any hair removal treatment by light, and can be laser hair removal laser if it uses laser or photoepilation by intense pulsed light if it uses pulsed light, although in practice the term photoepilation is associated with LPI laser hair removal. She is laser hair removal laser hair removal refers to any treatment of epilation by light, two systems exist: laser hair removal laser or laser hair removal: laser, a beam of coherent light of a single frequency that moves in a straight line is used. Given that they employ a specific wavelength, laser hair removal laser treatments are very precise. Hair removal with intense pulsed light (LPI): using incoherent light of multiple frequencies that moves in all directions. According to the used filter will obtain a length of wave determined, being the most versatile appliance that the hair removal laser by having several wavelengths. In practice it is usually associate the word laser hair removal laser hair removal LPI, and terms fotodepilacion, laser hair removal and laser hair removal are often used interchangeably. How laser hair removal laser in laser hair removal laser, laser crosses the skin and its energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, increasing the temperature of the hair and producing a thermal damage in the hair follicle whose result is the removal of hair, without causing injury to the skin. Therefore: the laser heats hair thanks to melanin, that is why laser hair removal laser will only serve to treat dark or Brown, not white or blond hair. The hair is who transmits energy to the follicle, so you should not use any procedure that extracts the root of hair prior to laser session. The skin also contains melanin, so the length must be carefully selected from wavelength of the laser to heat the hair without damaging your skin. Laser hair removal equipment there are different machines on the market, both from laser hair removal laser as LPI, being each one appropriate to a certain phototype according to its wavelength: Laser of Ruby: 694 nm. Laser Alexandrite: 755 nm. Laser diode and diode Soprano: 800 nm. Neodymium laser-Yag: 1064 nm. Intense Luz Pulsada: 590-1200 nm. Phototype before laser hair removal laser treatment the phototype of user must be defined. The classification of Fickpatrik classifies the skin into six phototypes: phototype I: skin very clear, burning intensely, not tanning. Phototype II: skin clear, it burns easily, sometimes tanning. Skin type III: skin intermediate, burns sometimes, always Tan. Phototype IV: slightly dark skin, not usually burn, you Tan easily. Phototype V: dark skin, rarely Burns, tans intensely. Phototype VI: black skin, not burned, tanning very intensely. Source: Laser hair removal laser

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