Hotel Management

hotline is frontoffice version 19! Shortly after the merger with the SoftTec GmbH from Germany, the hotline hotelsoftware gmbh presents the latest version of their hotel program. 25 years after the beginning of the success story of “hotline”, the new version offers an updated, modern look and convinced by a number of new modules and revised program functions. Under presence of new managing partner, Mr Rolf Fussner, the version 19 was unveiled for the first time on the catering in Nuremberg. The result was unanimous after many weeks and months of intensive development work and the final tests at selected customer. “Customers, prospective customers, and our partners are enthusiastic. I am convinced that with this development a great success we succeeded “, Mr Fussner summarizes the positive resonance. Is intuitive work Trump? Special attention was given to the optimization of existing program functions. The best interactive availability calendar was in his Extended representation and functioning. So, 19 of the category mirror version can be customized and displayed below the room. As the paymaster accounts. All known functions can be operated also from the assignment plan. The allocation arrangements for stays with several people in the room was also optimized. This allows an even more intuitive work. Also in the field of the posting of the article or the account facilities expect the user. So he can create, for example, its invoice forms, customize fonts, texts and logos and individual change to the sending off of the print job. Advanced Group functions specifically larger houses offer a more flexible working: from account representation groups or groups no-shows up to individual routing rules. For each mode is something. The little things do matter but it is not only the major changes. A variety of smaller features make daily work more comfortable. So you can E.g. table representations in sorting and size at user level can be individually adjusted. Combined search functions in the address space have been extended. It reservation information is saved after the departments grouped can be edited also the total price of a reservation directly with the booking process. Also support hotline as of version 19 HD resolutions and window can be moved arbitrarily on one or several monitors and placed. Has the future begun? Customers with software maintenance contract free the new version as usual. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. will not settle for partial explanations. In February, a new era in the hotel software market begins with the delivery. Combining the SoftTec from Germany with the hotline hotelsoftware gmbh was one of the largest providers of hotel and catering software in the German market at the beginning of the year 2011. Mr Rolf Fussner: “we will develop hotline in the coming years to a full service provider for hotels and hospitality solutions. After we are the products of SoftTec, for example, our POS system, integrate in hotline. The expansion of the consultant network, such as the expansion and strengthening our development and Service Department in Germany have top priority for me. The company’s headquarters in Sonthofen is rebuilt in the coming months and adapted to the new structures. So we can make even more service and know-how our hotline users available. “

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