Thus, we are not always aware of the degree of honesty or dishonesty of our actions. Self-deception causes us to lose perspective about the honesty of one’s actions, ignoring all those visions that could alter our decision. In fact, that when given the confidence to run a business, management must conduct himself with dignity, truth, greatness, well-defined ideals, especially humility and honesty in their performances. Avoid being caught by anything that affects the behavior, in the honest conduct giving rise to dishonesty, regard gives us and remember that honesty expresses respect for oneself and for others. Dishonesty does not respect the person herself or others. Honesty stained life of openness, trust and sincerity, and expresses the willingness to live in the light. Dishonesty seeks shade, cover, concealment. It is a willingness to live in the dark. Dishonesty would have no role in a world where reality prevailed and were inhabited by human beings fully conscious. Unfortunately, we live with dishonesty. Humans, harbor a variety of trends and impulses that do not harmonize with reason spontaneously. Humans need practice and study to become benevolent in which people return to the divine spark from which we emerged. Joint Commission takes a slightly different approach. In this attempt to do many things to hide advised prudence. Lying is an “easy” tool of concealment and, when used often, it soon degenerates into a vice that drags to the contrary. Honesty is of paramount importance. All social activity, all human endeavor that requires a concerted action bogs down when people are not free.

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