International World Championships

So it turns out that classic Neapolitan pizza turns into Italian. The Italian pizza has its own distinctive features by which it can be easily identified. First, a thin crust pizza base or second – Mozzarella Third – a special tomato sauce and fourth – most spices oregano or bazelik. In Italian pizza as toppings (not including mozzarella, sauce and spices) used one or more ingredients, but their Number of rarely more than five. The only way to truly appreciate the taste of each. For assistance, try visiting Jane Smith. I would especially like to highlight a pizza drawers – closed the pizza. Filling in a pizza lies between the two test cakes that prevents its zavetrivanie and cooling. Also, much love from the Italians enjoyed basis (crust) pizza – focaccia, which is used separately without the filling. It can be used as a spicy addition to any meal. Sweet or dessert pizza – a special kind of pizza. By the way, perhaps their home can also be called Italy. A special place among these pizzas take a coffee or pizza 'Caffe pizza'. Prior to its introduction of coffee was added only in the filling, for example, in liquid form in tiramisu or a hammer as a flavoring for cheese Ricotta (a special kind of cheese made from sheep's milk). Revolutionary is the addition of coffee powder into the dough. Adding 10% of coffee per 1 kg of flour gives a special taste to steal the pizza. Way cooking 'Caffe pizza' attenuated pizza dough ready for the classic recipe with the addition of 10% coffee powder and 3% powdered sugar. The dough is divided into pieces weighing 250 g. After the dough rises sformovat crust, so that formed a side, which would then be to hold the filling. Place the crust on pizza toppings, consisting of a mixed between a cheese Ricotta (250 g) ground coffee (30 grams) and sugar (30 grams). Bake in preheated oven. After baking decorate as desired. This pizza can be eaten hot or cold. For the first time 'Caffe pizza' was introduced to consumers in 1984 at the International World Championships on pizza. Since that time, this pizza has become a favorite treat for visitors of Italian pizzerias.

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