The Sauce

Other aspects to consider, are the amount of matter acid used. The larger, less time will need from marinated, otherwise, beef and fish begin to break and acquire a Pasty appearance. Fish and seafood, not should marinate for more than one hour, I know of people who ensure that marinade subtracts them flavor, by what they only put salt. In the case of the chicken and red meat is suggested to marinate a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour, knowing in advance that longer duration of the process, best final taste will obtain in the preparation. When the meats are done on the grill, I like to marinate the previous day of the preparation, in this case also use marinade to cover the meat. It is worth mentioning that the occupational safety and health are fundamental in the kitchen. For this reason do not use leftovers of marinated used in other preparations. We regularly what us surplus, we incorporate the preparation in the cooking process, to the Fund or stock so that when cooked, forms part of the sauce. It all started with the rich flavors experienced with sofrito and see a tour has done for all cooking processes, involving give aroma, flavor and presentation to the dishes. One thing important to note is that each of these processes covered in this series of articles, are used at different stages of preparation. For example when we marinamos do it with meat and before starting the process of cooking, when fry we do it when we started the preparation, or in the Middle, as in the case of beans phase; When we talk about dressings, mojos, ajicero and preserves, used in the final phase of preparation, or in the presentation of the dish. The recipe of the week is the churrasco Grill of Carlos, my compadre, a clear example of a marinade that makes a difference soon friends.

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