Environmental Consulting

Despite major advances in the field of environment have been made in the last two decades, access to technologies which are increasingly environmentally friendly and the government’s efforts for dissemination and implementation, there is still some concern by the industry industry to engage in voluntary initiatives beyond compliance. Why? The economic factor is a compelling reason, as is a clear disconnect between the university and the productive sector in developed countries is key to innovation, product diversification and an important tool for economic growth. However, in 10 years of consulting and environmental consulting, I have highlighted some aspects that are also of great importance and which are hardly mentioned. Let me put an example: When the XYZ industry hires a environmental consulting firm for advice, most of the time, do it because you need to resolve an issue with competent environmental authority and has no knowledge or resources to solve it. The consulting firm helps XYZ industry and everyone is happy. If we analyze this situation further, you can actually see a bit obvious. Since most industries are turning to consulting firms to discuss issues concerning the legal framework, only the latter have focused their knowledge and resources to such services, that the white silver, industry is more economical (but financially unsustainable) and consulting firms representing rapid capital inflows without large investment of knowledge and resources (although there is no added value strategically, rather than the time it takes doing a task. In many cases this is the only value-added have to be positioned in the market).. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Anu Saad and gain more knowledge..

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