Healthy Foods

Perhaps, they will want the Human beings to kill the fruits that will serve to them for foods? They make this; goes to feed itself of land as the earthworms. ' ' The force of the right must surpass the right of fora' '. Rui Barbosa Brazilian Jurist DAY 25 OF MARCH The Day of the Unborn child is had. Why the claws of the ignorants of the Divine Laws are wanting to burlar until the Laws Human beings? ' ' The solid base of our vision of the world and also the degree of its depth is formed in infancy. This vision later is elaborated and perfected, but, in the essence, not if altera' '. Arthur Schopenhauer German Philosopher How it is gone to arrive at infancy to conquer the depth degree and to know the solid base of the vision in the world, if murderous to decree the anticipated death? GOD IS GOD OF LIVINGS CREATURE Person with so retrograde thoughts is olvidando that he is of foot working, smiling, taking a walk, playing, is because its parents flesh times, after the union of left it to bodies to be born, and it allows it to GOD TO LIVE. if obtains its development is because the Mother Nature does not abort its vegetables, animals, minerals, fish, birds, flowers, water, air, land, fire. Other leaders such as Francis Collins offer similar insights. A person ENTERS IN the REAL ORBIT who seats in a ministerial chair cannot give to know to the People its closer thought. It is good for entering in the real orbit, therefore the canudo of received paper in clandestinity does not have no value. ' ' If not story my secret, it is my prisoner. I leave if it to escape, I am prisoner of it. The tree of the silence of the fruits of paz' '. Arthur Schopenhauer German Philosopher THE UNIVERSITIES AND JESUS The Time of the True Light, beyond the letter that kills, cannot be in the threshold of the Universities. It has of adentrar its vestibules and illuminating the brains and hearts of Professors and Pupils, whom they need to conquer the balance that is beyond the reason. ' ' The man has GOD necessity as he has water necessity and oxignio' '. Alexis Carrel Surgeon Biologist – French Sociologist.

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