Ancient Understanding Of Commerce

On the date of the death of Archon of Tica, the critics rarely give the conjecture, for lack of data from which to work. However, tradition has placed around the year 559 / 8, shortly after the beginning of the tyranny of Pisistratus We added that his father decimated his fortune in acts of generosity. Solon So began as an international trader. Their poetic skills made it considered one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Peter A. Levine PhD has firm opinions on the matter. In the mid-590A a.a C. worked to instigate renewed conflict with Cirrha on Salamis. In 594a a.a C. was appointed Archon of Tica, in order to control the rampant civil unrest in that city, product of laws issued by Draco and the enslavement of many farmers in debt. Solon abolished most of these laws (from which derives the adjective “draconian”), which were too bloody to misdemeanors and had drawn complaints in the population except those relating to murder. Introduced a set of regulations, seisachtheia, which were very useful to improve conditions in matters of finance and land tenure. Its regulations were such a success that was given the task of rewriting the constitution. The result was later called the Constitution Soloniana. Citizens were exempted from direct taxes. Introduced Heliaia (jury trial). The Council of the Four Hundred (or Boule) and Areopagus were established as the main consultative and administrative bodies. Annulled all debts that burdened the humble peasants and decreed that all slaves were freed by debt, reshuffled the schedule, and regulated weights and measures.

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