Strength Training

Another advantage of the treadmill is a huge amount of prefabricated models, which saves space. Elliptical trainer (also referred to this type of simulator – orbitrek) load those lords of the muscles that are not involved with the bike and treadmill. It achieves by playing the run with twists and turns. Elliptical trainer not only struggling with weight and is a good way to warm up before exercise on power simulators. If you want to not only lose weight but also disappoint muscle mass you need a rowing machine (simulates rowing) or stepper (Simulates climbing stairs). These simulators provide a good training before using strength training equipment. Strength Training Strength Training is different from other trainers of their specification, they directed at a specific muscle group. When choosing a trainer should be guided by the power entrusted to a task. There are several types of strength training equipment: Strength Training with built-in weights. Power simulators with built-in weights got their name because of the use of flat goods, moving up and down on the guide runners (or rod). To change the load enough to rearrange the release lever in the right hole rack cargo. Strength Training under its own weight. Strength Training under its own weight appeared recently. In such simulators as a base load uses body weight stride. Load in these simulators is changed by increasing (decreasing) slope benches or through the use of additional weights are attached to the human body. Strength Training with free weights with Strength Training free weights are: dumbbell and barbell. The advantages of free weights is that they do not train a couple of muscles, but also other muscles that are utilized in performing the exercises. When choosing a trainer should pay attention to the design maximum weight, which can withstand the barbell rack (maximum load), the width between the uprights, adjustable height legs, adjustable incline bench, the presence of additional devices. Tip: When choosing a trainer to get advice from a coach, an expert on fitness. If you plan to be engaged in intensified at the gym, be sure to go the same way to a cardiologist for assess the condition of your heart and cardiovascular system. And despite all the innovative instruments in the first place should be, relies on his physical condition. Lift the load must be gradual. Call us, We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the gym: 8 (044) 223-63-94, 229-04-43, 8 (050) 280-02-22. You can also visit our store in Kiev, str. Decembrists 7.

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