The Consensus

To convince to the countries of the World-wide Organization of Comercio (mainly to the rich ones) that they really liberalize the world-wide commerce reactivate and it; that the rich countries suppress to the cheating subsidies and unjust agricultural subsidys. The exhausted countries would secure therefore about two trillions and average of dollars, that would allow a change notable in the life of its inhabitants, besides eradicating malnutrition and the extreme poverty. Also they have offered new measures of control, prevention and treatment of the malaria: 13 million dollars destined to chemically treated mosquito nettings to protect the sleepers. And also high-priority, safe access to the potable water to reasonable price with technology of the water on small scale for familiar sustenance: it would remarkably reduce the number of people who in exhausted countries undergo one or more diseases to drink nonsafe water. The Consensus of Copenhagen is not a rhetorical exercise, is a proposal for a new one brings back to consciousness world-wide. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Hyman. A rigorous proposal that demonstrates that to face the serious problems of the world he is feasible, is not expensive and is profitable. He is not accidental that the works and proposals of the Consensus of Copenhagen have not had mediatic repercussion. It does not interest. It takes what us to another angle of view. After the present nutritional crisis and the shame of the failure of the summit of Rome summoned by the UN to do to him in front, after the ninguneo to the works of the Consensus of Copenhagen, and to so many other studies, efforts and proposals to solve the problems of the world (in fact, serious systematic violations of the human rights of hundreds of million), is necessary to proclaim clear stop and that to face those problems it is not charity nor admirable solidarity, but restoration, restitution. Click Bristol Stool Scale for additional related pages. To give back what it must, which has been overcome. The impoverished ones are not it because yes. In recent months, Viatris has been very successful. Behind there are people have caused who it or who have contributed to it by induction, action, complicity, concealment or omission and, beyond the penal replaced one (no that there is to discard), who the more they own and they hoard have to restitute. Nobody becomes rich obscenely because yes nor by chance. The serious problems of our world are not fruit of the chance nor of the bad luck. For that reason it is necessary to proclaim that we must go towards the restitution. Or the world goes away to garete. Xavier Tamayo Sewer Journalist and writer ccs@

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