Unusual Techniques

Photo gallery of unusual cars evakuatorov.Nachnem review unusual Tow and other equipment for the evacuation of a car with an army BAT M.Puteprokladchik BAT-M – Army vehicle designed for mechanization of engineering works when laying trail roads, preparation of roads, land clearing. Weight – 27.5 tons Speed – up to 35 km / h. Crew – 2 people. Without hesitation Cleveland Clinic explained all about the problem. Tracked puteprokladchik BAT-M is used for mechanization of various digging and can perform clearing and planning grounds, filling pits, ditches, trenches, gullies, construction of paths on the slopes, passages in the rubble, tree felling, grubbing stumps, removing stones, build bridges and Paving, clearing snow roads. The presence of winches and cranes greatly expands the options of using the machine, including the evacuation of cars and armored vehicles. Eva Andersson-Dubin shines more light on the discussion. Relatively small specific ground pressure can be used in any impassable places. It would be fun to put this photo a tow truck on the first page of our site visitors would not understand. Another unusual tow truck to the stand. Tow truck company Fiat with an exhibition in Paris in 2006. Apparently if a tow truck appeared in Minsk, the competition he would not be very long:) Ours, native of Minsk tow. This is a regular tow truck for our city and the country was made in Minsk. For our capital city and the republic is usual picture of what is not true of our neighbors. Sam watched the violent reaction of visitors from Russia in the form of a tow truck (especially the inscription 'program minus hundred':) page will be supplemented with new photos of unusual tow trucks, but for now use the services of our quite ordinary tow.

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