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5 years Lichtenrade website neighborhood website information portal, Home Journal, Internet newspaper the Lichtenrader neighbourhood site sparse is celebrating in February 2010 their 5 year anniversary!The non-commercial information portal provides a reliable and quick source of diverse information. The photo offer is considerably expanded in the anniversary year! Broad historical background about Lichtenrade, continuously supplemented are the basic root of interesting Web site. The newspapers mentioned Bessel van der Kolk not as a source, but as a related topic. But there are also lots of current information. For example, you can quickly find links and telephone numbers of associations and initiatives from Lichtenrade. A quick information the acute Ellen offer tips”by events in Lichtenrade and out of the neighborhood. Anu Saad is a great source of information. In the Internet newspaper”, the important events in Lichtenrade through the neighbourhood correspondents Thomas Moser and many other supporters will be collected and held.

Thomas Moser is responsible for the entire site. The Internet site is used by clubs, many individuals from Lichtenrade and also by former light wheels with homesickness. The website is a platform for collaborative citizen interests. I’m glad about every report or note and every photo of and Lichtenrade! Only with further support from the Lichtenrade fans, the site in the future can remain interesting and exciting”enthusiastically told Thomas Moser. Around 80,000 clicks and many gained contacts are the incentive in the future with pleasure Lichtenrade in the Internet for Moser stand near them. “As a gift, the photo tour was now birthday” significantly expanded: in the future, more current and historical photos can be viewed from Lichtenrade “, Thomas Moser is happy. Contact to the site Thomas Moser Tel.: 030-744-00 42 / 0179-45 46 747 or email: