Biblical Seminary

The call is not easy When I was in theological training in the Biblical Seminary, was next to me students that were identified: the desire to develop a successful mission without paying the price. When we went to work on site, we found a scenario for which we were not prepared: the call of God to serve him, involves a heavy dose of faith and a good amount of resolution because nothing is easy. Go to Bessel van der Kolk for more information. Noah was surprised when Father called him to fulfill the mission that was to him: "And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. Then said God to Noah: "The end of all being, because the earth is filled with violence because of them, and behold, I will destroy the earth. Make yourself an ark of gopher wood, make rooms in the ark, and with pitch inside and out. "(Genesis 6:12-14).

You may not understand everything that God asked. "Rain in a region where barely a mist fell, as the drizzle in Peru? A hard boat to what if the seas and rivers could rise from its level? Questions that are happening one after another in the whirlwind of thoughts caressed Noah. Although did not really understand the instructions, prepared for the Creator: "And Noah did so he did according to all that God commanded him. "(Genesis 6:22). This servant of the Most proceeded surrounded by two attitudes: first, willingness to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and second, obedience. Are you ready? As you have realized, is extremely important issues surrounding the life of a missionary: disposition, obedience and faith. The three most important. The first step, the provision.

If it you are halfway there. Did you hear the call of the Lord? Are you willing to serve God in the work? Be prepared. Let Him transform your being and welcome to the wonderful world of missions! It will certainly be very useful in the proclamation of the gospel in his city, his country and nations. If you have any questions, please do not forget to write and remember our contact number (0057) 317-4913705