Finding a Wedding Photographer

And above all we have the office to see where others can not see. We see a step forward in the party and we know what will happen. And so the finger is already on the shutter when the event happens. And this is only the beginning of a long list of recommendations for those who want to engage in wedding photography. How do I start, then? It is good to ask this! In addition to the foreground, which I assume, you socialize with experienced photographers and begin to offer as an assistant. Yes. It’s the best way to gain experience. With people who know.

Do not use your cousin or friend to gain that experience. Risking too much. To begin the memory of your relatives, and to continue and not least: “your reputation.” If it seems wrong to be assistant to a renowned photographer, then I give you a personal choice. 27 years ago when I started in photography as a professional, he was very young then, and encouraged me to do many things that I do today. I decided to gain experience in the mine, and a Saturday night I wore a suit, I loaded my suitcase and left the team due to the Church had more weddings that night. On arrival there of course many people who did not know. I braced myself, and about ten minutes later came the first accompanied by his photographer girlfriend, whom I approached and told the hearing that I was the cousin and not bother going to take some souvenir photos.

He looked at my team and hesitated, but there was something that convinced him: my face from beginning. Ok. First task accomplished. 5 minutes later comes the second wedding night. Lower your car photographer and tell him exactly the same, I am the cousin of the bride and I will take pictures for memories. And so on until the fifth and final bride. At the end of the night had in my five marriages have made, a sample of five weddings, a record that not a day of Today I went to reach and a wealth of experience gained for free.