Forbidden Knowledge

The Forbidden Knowledge penetrates in the churches. Because of the time that we live, time where the apostasia, the removal of s was augured doctrine, the devil, through its mdiuns, groups prepared and commissioned for this, they are penetrating in churches of the Christianity (catholics and protestants) contaminating with practical profane and msticas. Contamination in the Churches: Many protestant and catholics, mainly charismatic and the pentecostais ones Churches, are being contaminated for people who if saying prophets, inspired for God, deliver false prophecies to its members. In the reality they are bringing confusion to the church. Practical of the New Age they are being introduced in its programs of encampment: experiences in the new call psychology, with dynamic of group and practical ocultistas; relaxation, visualization, regression of memory, neurolingustica programming, positive confession. The members of the Church are not alerted how much to the curses spirituals in the use of Alternative medicines. (Acupuntura, Floral, Homeopatia, Reiky? canalization of the universal energy – etc.).

Such practical if become door of entrance of espritos of the other kingdom. The Kingdom of the Antichrist. The person who makes use of such medicine will be on the yoke of these espritos (if they become mdiuns) for legal right, for the authority given to these espritos, therefore they are that they are you of such practical. They are that they inspire to the oficializante and the officially established one. The therapist and the sick person.

They manipulate the people acting in its mind and spirit. The Churches, nowadays (Year of 2010), testify in its cultured members that cry out, dance, polish, fall in the soil, say false languages, imitate animals, receive the unction from Isaac, (the unction of the laugh saint) saying itself full of the Espirito Santo. How much to this last unction, nothing of new he exists, therefore the Hindus already practise this have centuries.