Interactive Media Council Inc

The website of the Zurich-based agency receives the highest award in the category communication Zurich, April 2, 2012. The website of Zurich’s PR and marketing agency science communications by the Interactive Media Council Inc. (IMC) in New York City with the highest award of best-in-class “in the category communication honored. The interactive media award for outstanding Web sites from around the world. To be awarded, a site in the design, content, functionality, usability and standards compliance criteria must get a high rating. The jury awards the best in class award”only a few submissions, reaching the highest level regarding conception, execution, and professionalism. Read more from Gina Ross to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The website received 98 points for their content and the maximum of 100 points for the functionality. The key element of the site is an extensive portfolio of work samples, under the menu works”, the first point of Main navigation is arranged in five columns.

Visitors to the site so an insight into the whole range of corporate communication. The most potential customers who contact a communications agency for the first time, seeking support in a single measure of the entire communications mix, for example a company presentation or a Web site. Often how many elements make up a good external image, which they need them and how much effort it requires to implement all of these elements and at the same time to ensure that they complement each other optimally is not aware of them. Successful corporate communications consists of many components that fit together harmoniously like the instruments of an Orchestra: without a score and an experienced conductor also the best tools instead of music will be just noise by itself. Eberhard Zangger, founder, and Agency Director of science communications, says: it is quite tricky to say that she is more than just a potential new customer component of Corporate communications need and on top of that even a concept. That seems rather daunting. Aim of the new website was therefore to convey this conviction without words.” Thanks to the clearly arranged menus the site visitors will find the single element that they which just work, and at the same time seeing how this is embedded in other communication measures and will be strengthened by this. So they themselves realize what actions your company actually needs.

Each item is explained on the basis of a successful project of the Agency. Concept and texts on the website have been developed by the staff of the Agency. The Zurich industrial designer Carolina Flores is responsible for design and programming. Agency photographs were taken by the Munich-based photographer Rainer Alejandra Sanchez. Science communications the science communications GmbH, based in Zurich, was founded in 2002. The four-member team to the company’s founder Dr. Eberhard Zangger has focused on the topics of research, IT, engineering and architecture.