Making Choices

To never choose is easy Since we are born, our ancestors undertake the adventure to organize certain workings to us to realise when we become majors. Before arriving at this world, our familiar ones or they know clearly what they aspire that we obtain or what they would like that we got to harvest. Certainly, this ends up bringing effects to our life. As much our relatives as our our circle of known and the community which we comprised exert a great influence in our elections. If we decided to carry out formation courses, for example, our election will receive the influence of all the mentioned agents previously. This event always does not entail perjuciales circumstances (great part of the legal tutors wish the best thing for the small ones), but that can entail consequences nonyearned for. If we do not learn to choose of free form, most probable it is than we feel downcast.

But to decide without pressures not only tolerates not to pay more attention of the necessary one to the other people’s commentaries, but also to relativize the own ones taboos and those of the society. In enough occasions autocensuramos us and we are against to make courses of training that they seduce to us because we did not consider them sufficiently good, productive or prudent. In other occasions, we think that never we will be enabled to reach the sufficient level in that scope like maintaining to us economically. In either cases, distrusting of our capacities and, in addition, deserting in obtaining our dreams. As Robinson says to Ken, author of the Element: to discover your passion changes to everything to it, all we counted on an activity that enchants to us and that, in addition, occurs us well.

is what is called ours Element. If we were able to be in our element, we will arrive at a fantastic zone of balance and we felt been thankful and realised. Following the reasoning of Robinson, the importance of our professional election can bring decisive consequences in the progress of our life. On her it can depend, to a great extent, our happiness. And although it can sound ridiculous situation, the happiness is the objective to that everybody aspires.