Below I discuss what are the most common mistakes that usually commit the executives who have command positions. The order in which they are placed do not have to do with the order of importance. Error # 1: verbal abuse. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Verbal abuse is manifested in various ways. Use tone of voice desaprobadores, sarcastic or accusing; make hurtful comments or destructive criticism on the work or physical appearance of the people; be insensitive to the personal problems of your people; interrupt what they say or ignore them with your silence; humiliate them in public or private. Mistake # 2: not fulfilling what you promise.I have observed this behavior in executives seeking at all costs to convince a collaborator that do something in particular in exchange for an increase in salary or to impress.

You also do in it when you have good intentions but does not depend on you fulfill the offer you’re doing. Mistake # 3: download your anger instead of having the intention of correcting. I know that the pressures that fall on you sometimes are great. But You agudizas the problem if instead of looking for correct performance of the collaborator to be improved their productivity downloads on your courage by the errors committed. Thou shalt put him nervous and it will increase their inefficiency.

Mistake # 4: never congratulate the good performance. On countless occasions I have received the complaint from workers who feel little valued because when they make a mistake immediately be complains them, but when they do good things go unnoticed. Mistake # 5: be incongruous. You demand your team you arrive at work early but you usually arrive late? You ask them that they adhere to the procedures of work but you constantly falsifying them? You organizaste a campaign to improve the service to customers but you reject these calls because they always do at the least opportune? Mistake # 6: boycott the development of your team.