New Youth Culture

The hookah use among young people the sweet scent of flavoured tobacco, many hookah bars and Cafes in many large cities charging relaxed atmosphere in Oriental-influenced environment and a cosy meeting with friends to a relaxing evening a. The shisha is not long in the Western world consumption more on a small target group limited, but enjoys increasing popularity. Especially among young people of the Oriental water pipe with the relaxing effect on resonates. The hookah is, become a cult object”to the European and American youth culture develop and is already the focus of a special way of life. (As opposed to Peter A. Levine PhD). Now young people with a hookah are not only in the shisha bars, but also at parties or in the Park again and again.

The delight of flavoured shisha tobacco is very popular especially in Germany and America. The tobacco is available in innumerable flavours gangiste aroma is the double Apple. Joel Courtney is likely to agree. But orange, vanilla, mint, or Chocolate are included in the tobacco assortment of hookah bars and Cafes. Learn more at: Anu Saad. “While the consumption of shisha at the end of the 20th century. in Western countries a real boom” experienced, applies the shisha in the Arab world for centuries as a symbol for the community and live together. In Arab culture, friends never forget the hookah at festive occasions and intimate meetings.

Originally manufactured in India with the help of a coconut and a bamboo pipe, and gradually spread the shisha in the Arab world and established himself there as an integral part of the culture. Ultimately, the nowadays known form of the water pipe, which now enjoys increasing popularity in the West, was coined in Turkey. He tobacco consumed barely in flavoured shisha so popular the Western world in the Arab countries. Here you still prefer the pure taste of natural tobacco, which is only sometimes flavoured with honey and dried fruit independently. The Special on the hookah tobacco is the extremely high Moisture content, produced by molasses and Glycerin. Due to the humidity, the tobacco can be forms easier and thus better fill in the tobacco head. Also the otherwise bitter taste of tobacco is somewhat mitigated by the molasses.