Oktoberfest Beer Festival

Collection report AW. 09/10 London button has the designer duo of two costumes for the upcoming AW. 09/10 season deep into the fabric box accessible and beautiful Jersey, versatile cotton and soft taffeta, a very special fashion cocktail mixed! The young designer from Munich remain faithful to its successful credo and design, inspired by the classic polo shirt, raf? Ned elegant shirts and dresses. The popular Oktoberfest Polos are also in this year’s autumn / winter collection with part of the game and were by Nina Nwaisser and refined Carolin Paintner original Salzburg costumes fabrics, which put the icing on the cake the exclusive models of Oktoberfest! Cosmopolitan city? air mixed with a big dose of celebratory mood and a pinch of down-to-Earth Bavarian – it makes a very tasty cocktail: diving with two costume and the AW. 09/10 collection London key deep a nightlife! London Kiss: The noble Polo as alluring eye-catcher in the trend color of the coming winter: purple! With an application of cotton in the form of a stylized Loop manages to make you forget about the basis of the model – the polo shirt – the young designers of two costume again once effortlessly.

Rounding out the out? t perfume noble with a splash of and you can go the party! Ginger Queen: drinking coffee the English Erbtante and grown-out hangover Flay impression? No problem with the lovely noble Polo ginger Queen of two costumes. This elegant shirt with elaborate beading usage and detachable loop was also a felt button fitted, the one at Lords and ladies popular greyhound graces! Lollipop: A hint of Scottish flair exudes the lollipop with a plaid skirt dress. With long sleeves is the lucky winner even in the cool London cold not so fast. The slightly shiny taffeta skirt is buttoned low and shines on the chest the two costume logo with the wearer to the bet! Heartbreaker: the heartbreaker is the highlight of the two costume Oktoberfest models now become in the tradition and the modern answer to the ubiquitous Dirndl. Emphasizes narrow cut and with pink in the snippet, it is equipped with typical Alpine motifs and a small heart of wood. If this time not all heart of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival are broken! Mac long communication