New Method Of Pest Control Through Shock Freezer With CO2 Snow

New method of pest control through shock freezer with CO2 snow, can be no more chance bed bug and co. New method of pest control through shock freezer with CO2 snow, can be no more chance bed bug and co.The use of biocides is not always easy. For this reason, the biocides Act has been implemented, the use of biocides to reduce and to promote the development and application of environmental, consumer and user protection. The use of CO2 snow for shock freezing the insect pests represents a solution. The system now also in Germany is available after the successful use of the procedure for controlling pests by Flash freezing in Scandinavia, United States, Australia and Japan. It is an innovative, eco-friendly process which kills the pests with the help of CO2 snow. The mobile Cryonite system consists of a carbon dioxide tank is equipped with a standpipe, a pressure-resistant hose and a special Lance with which the CO2 snow with a Particle size generated is allowed a maximum contact with the insects. The CO2 snow mounted on the insect has a temperature of about-78 C. Through evaporation, energy in the form of heat is removed very quickly the taken insect pests. In the cells of the pests existing water freezes and expands it so that the cells burst. Can kills all stages of development of the pests (from the egg to the adult animal). The process is that no toxic residues on treated materials remain. So treated rooms, such as hotel rooms, can be immediately re-used or re-sold and there is no financial one bosom of downtime. Also in private households, it comes for example in the fight against Bed bugs, fleas, Staublausen, fruit flies and other pests to no environmental impact. The CO2 is a recycled product in the industry, so that attract no additional greenhouse gas is released. More information about the usage of the snow master procedure, see or the nationwide unified hotline 0800-7887881. creator of the press release: concept-K, Johannes Krahwinkel, Holtroper str. 1 c, D 50129 Bergheim Tel: 02271-7921322, fax: 02271-7921329 /

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