TVG Publisher Enables The Data Qualification Via SaaS

Correct addresses with AdressExpert a big step for better data quality, Frankfurt am Main, 01 September 2011 each company faces at some point the question, as it maintains the address data of its customers and business partners. The TVG publishing has developed a flexible solution with AdressExpert, reliably corrected the address and completes. AdressExpert is now available as a software-as-a-service (SaS). Sydney Sweeney is full of insight into the issues. Poor data quality is a hot issue in the company. Many only do this if you have burned your fingers. For: Bad data are hidden cost drivers. They range from to high return rates and delivery errors to the loss of customers.

Day-to-day address data applied in different business areas such as sales, service and support centers or through corporate portals in mostly different data banks. There is no wonder if sneak duplicates and errors. As a result, the cost for the customer dialog. A wide variety of industries such as banks and insurance, shipping trade, publishers or energy therefore benefit from a tailor-made software solution for the qualification of address data. AdressExpert, a modular tool for the value of the address and communication data management, is now available as a software-as-a-service (SaS). In contrast to the often skeptical considered cloud computing SaS offers more transparency: the server location of the SaS provider and thus the place of storing data is known and data are not redirected somewhere on other external servers around the world. Through an individually administrate Web interface, address data are tested according to individual requirements, supplemented and enriched.

AdressExpert seamlessly integrates with a SOAP interface in CRM systems and integrate online stores. Data errors are avoided already when entering and can unfold to their full value. AdressExpert is suitable for example for projects in the dialogue and direct marketing, eBusiness and CRM. The cost for this service stay with a basic package plus a success or usage-based fee per record manageable and pay to itself.