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Awards: Award of the journal the provinces of Alicante, with journey round turn and two days stay in the French nation, for two people. ACADEMIC titles: Entitled in professional training for the exercise for the carriage of goods by road, national and international, as well as their derivatives: storekeeper, Distributor, Center, loads, etc. . Entitled in drafting and various literary stylistics qualifications for Spanish amateur: operator and manipulator of radio equipment in classes A, B and C. And other non-academic studies related to the intelligentsia and varied reading that is born of its own quality of searching and reading as it reaches your hands or considered of interest… LITERARY works: 1st misery and oppression (narrative) 2nd Summit mysterious (narrative) 3rd Alcazaba de Santa Barbara (narrative) 4th fields of my land (poetry) 5th social concerns (monographs and articles of opinion 1) 6 Wellness Retreat (monographs and opinion 2 articles) other: 7th Calvary labour: in project (narrative) 8 games of childhood: structured (narrative) 9 th rogue in absentia: structured (narrative) 10 Poemillas without rhyme or value (Libretto by verses) brief summary of collaborations in PRINTED magazines, digital or press newspapers: El diario digital correspondent: andalcia24horas website of the poet Jaime Correa, Chile: poets for peace: magazine expert, printed and digital digital magazine universal poets: expert participation void moons: Stella magazine, printed, Navas de San Juan, Jaen. Digital and printed Journal: the provinces daily information.

As well as in other journals, blogs, forums, cultural magazines, etc. . PostScript: The labour and professional career of Agustin evolutionary significance could categorized Motley: runs between various migrations of childhood and adolescence, although within the Spanish nation itself. Where at the early age of thirteen years it moved to other territories, in the company of the family set, to collect crops of agriculture, followed by construction and industry in general. Migrations between which Augustine sandwiched times of working forestry and agrarian, already back in streets and fields in his village, in Andalusian and native territory. Even so it persisted in the shortage economic the author considers vocational writer, who in his own opinion, we should catalog in humility of fan of literature: narrative, poetry and opinion articles: as a self-TAUGHT. Denomination after which runs solo, for days, weeks, months, and years… Related Blogs best attractions in Alicante tourism and accommodations Video Blog for Rena Rama completo Klass 6B Swedesplease The Swedish Alpha Protocol in Europe on May 28 Games to Enjoy for Cinco de Mayo Amigos Mex Spanish Restaurant BLOG The Big Read: Officially Kicks-Off on April 1! The Big Read 2010 DtoidAustralia Mana Bar launch meet up! where you Kenya: Orchard amidst a population VeoVerde Sci-Fi-O-Rama Jacob Escobedo (1) Mana Bar opening featuring Raskulls!