British Prince Charles

Doctors say that more than half of harmful substances ingested by modern humans with food. Our food is increasingly becoming lifeless. It has no ‘live’ is rich in vitamins and food preservatives. Assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables and fruits is limited due to seasonality. Gradually accumulate harmful substances contribute to the development of many diseases. Constant stress, the effect on our bodies polluted environmental causes that person to demand a higher dose of vitamins. They can not totally replace dietary supplements. Synthetic vitamins also do not solve the problem. Vitamins, which in large range offered by our pharmacies are created in laboratories, they are not perceived by our body, but most often simply rejected. Therefore, we know that all useful to drink a glass of juice. But here’s some juice? Scientists have shown that the number of juice one finds the juice of wheat sprouts.

It turns out that the juice of wheat contain the entire set of vitamins. A to Z proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vanadium, etc. 37 minerals. Juice is seven times richer in vitamin C than oranges. Five times more iron than spinach, ten times richer in calcium and protein than milk. Rich in enzymes, minerals, amino acids, has a complete set of proteins. And juice cleanses the entire body, not killing microorganisms, smoothly, naturally, constantly feeding it. When people talk about “cleansing” usually meant removing toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, at least from the liver and kidneys, and almost never – of blood. In addition, it is believed that the “clean blood” – a procedure possible only in a hospital setting. This is incorrect. In the blood accumulate harmful substances. Of any malfunction in the body of released into the blood harmful substances increases. Why is suffering a general human condition. Periodically clean the blood to every person, to supply cells with oxygen and nutrients. Chlorophyll cleanses the blood, which is present in green plants. Chlorophyll is necessary for our body as a material for the renovation and construction of the body’s cells. Application of the juice significantly increases the stability of the immune system, making human unattainable for many infections. Moreover, it eliminates the disadvantages of a vegetarian diet, as it gives the body deficient amino acids, trace elements. Wheatgrass juice slows down the aging process, cleanse the body, improves the immune system. Incidentally, among the fans of the juice – British Prince Charles, Madonna, Kate Moss and many others. Without the drink, no Hollywood star could not boast flawless skin, slim figure, shiny hair, and most importantly health. Here is a live water!