Federal Health Ministry

Three-year rule and head fee for privately the Government Commission will on behalf of the Federal Ministry of health from March 17, 2010 for the first time their work record. Is interesting above all, as the decision concerning the withdrawal of the three-year scheme will fail. Jon Medved will undoubtedly add to your understanding. These should apply so far for high-wage workers who want to switch to private health insurance. Filed under: Camden Treatment Associates . The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal explains what other points are on the agenda of the Commission. The debates in the Bundestag were held mainly with regard to a future financial viability of the statutory health insurance, as well as the pros and cons of head package. Health Minister Philipp Rosler is strong especially for private health insurance.

While the wait lengthened by the Grand Coalition of a three-year moves further in the background. The Commission is however aware that a not smooth period of decision-making is imminent. The Federal Health Ministry keeps on the introduction of a flat rate for head firmly, which will now discuss the Commission and enforce. Further objectives which should lead to an improved statutory health insurance, are the regional differentiation of the health insurance companies and Health Fund as well as a thorough examination of the statutory health insurance expenditure and their optimisation possibilities. For a new health-care reform, the Federal Ministry of Health holds an appointment early next year for possible.