Who among people not familiar with the feeling of guilt? It is unlikely that such people do exist. Someone suffering from this feeling more, some a little less, all have different reasons for this is, but the essence remains the same. From growing our feet feelings of guilt that we carry with them throughout their lives? Of course, from our childhood. Parents grew up with this feeling and gave it to us as the most “precious and valuable” gift. Of course, the blaming of parents is meaningless and even harmful to ourselves. We are now grown and self-identity and can create their own happy and fulfilling life. Therefore, it will only work on yourself. Why can not our parents subconsciously nurtured in us guilt? Just the man who guided this sense it is much easier to manage and control it.

And virtually all parents like obedient children. Since these children are always much less hassle. And almost no one do not like the wayward children and separate, making only what they are to their liking. But for children it is much better to be independent and headstrong. I hope it is understandable why. Of the obedient and diligent children grow other than office workers, who obey his superior (the parent in a new guise), and he dare not contradict anything. But more on that another time. Thus, the child commits an act which is not satisfied with his parents. Thereafter parents immediately say, “Oh, you’re so and-so, what have you done?