Second Fashion

Lose Weight, falling get fat and grow thin again. But the fun! Thinner, to shop for clothes ran. Broke, stouter and again to shop for clothes, because usually carries more than ever before, and went out of fashion. But we can proudly say: 'I do shopping, update wardrobe every six months! " But we all! Where's the individuality? Here and the second case of idiocy. Let us turn our gaze for a few centuries ago. Previously, the ladies and men were similar to each other. There was a fashion, but not one woman or man did not show up dressed as well as its neighbor.

Everyone was dressed according to the taste, but for fashion. Now another trend, fashion follow blindly, without prikaslovno. Enjoying a piece of clothing that is currently popular, then don. And in the end it turns out, all dressed like men and the same, only different colors. And here comes herd, excuse me, the crowd, dressed in jeans with ass and bulging shorts, T-shirts to his bare chest to chest was always visible! So at this meeting …

the crowd is a girl in a skirt-to-toe in a corset and jacket with a bottom, and the crowd begins to it look as though she were an old granny. How else would they look at it when they see her in something that is not theirs. And they have no, personality, taste, character, opinions, and of the most important original thought (although easier said crazy!). But do not be offended. If there is a mind, then you will appreciate the man for what he is a person, not the regular trash, which has in mind only the mass mind. And this massive thinking inspire those who have a herd of slaves. Convenient and easy to control the masses, who do not have an opinion and do not know how to think. A correct, why think when you think of and decide! But then, when all understand that they are for people not to believe, will start to resent. The result – a civil war! And do not should I say, that the Russian revolution had triumphed, and people began to live better! That revolution did for the collapse of Russia and certain people and now they also break down morals and minds! Unfortunately this has no one sees, hears and does not does not want to understand! But soon, everything will fall into place. Already starting to talk about what we need to restore the family. First, disorganized, and now restored! Well, let's go to the community insight, so it's easier!