Lubeck Summer

The summer program is here – with new products! For the first time the company furnace GOLD Kalle Gastroservice presented itself”at the Internorga in Hamburg (13-18 March), the leading international trade fair for gastronomy, hotel and catering; in previous years, where the company had aligned the popular fair breakfast. With the presentation at the Internorga, oven GOLD could place targeted in the national context. Managing Director Thomas Harlander mainly in the narrow and individual customer contact, the trained sales force and the sophisticated back system that is easy to handle and can be used both in small family businesses as well as large kitchens sees advantages over competitors. The high number of visitors and average rate of new prospects showed once again that the artisan tradition, which stands for taste and quality and systematically maintained by the company, was able to convince. The exhibition concentrated on the announced spring treats”as well as the new organic products. The new sofa bread proved audience Renner: a hearty, juicy and firm dark whole wheat particularly suited due to the short preparation time for the catering, if must react flexibly to large numbers of visitors. OVEN GOLD with his summer collection builds on these products.

In addition to the already established organic country white bread is given new, rustic country breads from controlled cultivation of wheat, baked according to traditional French recipes, dating back to the 19th century. Present yourself in the typical form of the brick, the so-called Pave. “Their peculiarity lies in the individual and careful preparation of the leaven and the long leadership of the dough, the in the trend of slow food” moves. This finest bread culture offered walnut, Multigrain, and nature in the flavours. A treat with finest roasted aroma, delicate crust, airy Crumb. The summer offer is supplemented by three products from the pastries.

These are the strawberry rhubarb – and the apricot cake, as well as the raspberry cheese cake sweet treats that were already in the previous years to the customer favorites. Also on offer is the buffet-garlic ciabatta, the optimal accompanied by salads or grilled. Add to your understanding with John Craig Venter. Wild garlic is similar to garlic from a taste perspective, but also from health review. The flavor is slightly finer and above all: discreet; “because the unpleasant fumes on the day after” stay out at the now very popular wild garlic. “As a long-standing partner of the hotel and Restaurant Association DeHoGa Schleswig-Holstein oven GOLD this year again shows presence at numerous events such as, for example, the seven-towers circuit court” in Lubeck (participating), the DeHoGa Landesverband days in Elmshorn, Germany on the 20th and 21.4.2009 or as early as 2008 at the North Sea plate “at the Heider Tivoli (27.4.). OVEN GOLD will accompany these events with his baked goods and successfully connect to community engagement and customer proximity.