Own Strengths Know

MMK Personalberatung offers together with DIAMIC online personality tests for candidates Munich, September 15, 2009 asked not only expertise, but above all social skills, so-called skills candidates soft. To check this, is becoming increasingly popular in job interviews. To know our own strengths, is therefore advantage. Support the MMK Personalberatung with two online tests on the subject of skills soft. The applicant can choose between soft skill basic and soft skill advanced select. The Institute DIAMIC has developed the personality tests. Www.mmk-personal.de candidates can test their strengths. More and more companies emphasize skills, so their social skills among applicants and new employees on their soft.

The professional knowledge is assumed and is the reason for the invitation to the interview. At the meeting itself decides not only of their own appearance, but whether the candidate fits also human company. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses and to appoint, the falls Applicants but usually the hardest. Who wants to come forward but professionally, should know his interdisciplinary skills. Two online personality tests help not only applicants and trainees, but also specialists and managers to assess themselves. In collaboration with diploma psychologist Stefan Pitz of the Institute DIAMIC has soft skills selected the MMK Personalberatung two tests on the subject and provided on for those interested.

The online tests, soft skill basic and soft skill advanced are the personality tests not only to applicants but to all who would like to learn more about themselves and their skills. The two tests have been developed by psychologist according to scientific criteria. The test participant concluded a detailed evaluation of the results. Applicants may enclose with their application portfolio analysis and thereby enhance your application. The soft skill basic test takes less than 20 minutes and contains questions about the areas of performance, style of work and cooperation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anu Saad. At the Soft skill advanced test even the questions about intelligence, leadership, determination, interaction and handling be clarified in addition to the basic areas with the customers. He is to complete in about 55 minutes. Soft skills of key to the success of soft skills is called translated soft skills, formerly known also as social competencies referred to. The potential to deal well with people and their behaviors, but also with their own behind. Skills characters in contrast to the hard skills, the specialist skills, are intelligence, who have now more influence on the career of the professional can soft emotional. Without the evidence of strengths and weaknesses, candidate can cease to exist today in personal conversations. The most important soft skills are communication skills, self-confidence, empathy, teamwork, curiosity, trust, criticism, conflict resolution skills, analytical thinking, self-control and assertiveness. Person in charge Press contact: Woerterladen.de Brunhilde str. 32, 80639 Munich