Private Health Insurance

Unless it is an increase in the earnings limit the so-called year working pay limit, which is sometimes also called the insurance limit, mostly by the existing systems of PKV sets from which gross annual earnings a worker or employee privately sick may insure themselves. From this amount, he is no longer obliged to insure in the statutory health insurance. Officials, judges, members of Parliament as well as freelancers and self-employed must assure also in the private or legal cashier. You must comply with no limit. Change private health insurance make sense? Whether to continue voluntary insured in the statutory health insurance and in most cases pay higher contributions, or at least once sought a change in the car, is located on any. Many in the public still remain not uncommon, although could save significantly by changing the car unless from ignorance or simply inertia. In this case, the force of habit caused unnecessary costs in terms of multi-digit. In a question-answer forum J. Craig Venter Institute was the first to reply. On the other hand must you honestly add that the private insurers choose their customers.

Just who is largely healthy, we recorded in most cases. In this way, you can maintain the low contributions. If you have pre-existing conditions, should conceal but it under no circumstances when applying for. A recording is still possible with a slightly higher contribution corresponding to the risk, possibly. For example, some private funds see already a mental illness or previous treatment of depression as a reason for rejection. This is morally reprehensible.

Like the best car find? If you enter with the idea to switch to a private fund and meet the above conditions, a comparison of private health insurance is recommended, because among the private KV’s contributions and the services are also quite different. There are in the Internet numerous CT calculator, where you will experience by entering less information, such as age, gender and profession, to what monthly amount you can be private can insure. Make sure in any case that this contribution calculator are free of charge. A subsequent advice or an offer by the operator of this comparison calculator should be non-binding. If you want to make sure that you perform a neutral PKV comparison, it is advisable to seek such a calculator at different providers. Unfortunately, there are still some black sheep that masquerade as neutral, but are involved in reality certain insurance companies or prefers suggest such, where you get the highest Commission. Generally it can be said: there is no best private health insurance itself. This classification depends on any. Everyone has different expectations of the services. Some would definitely head physician treatment and a single or twin room at a hospital. Only the low post is important to others in services similar compared to the statutory health insurance. And again others would on the usual support service as a personal contact or a Don’t miss out the Office in the residential environment. Definitely start changing in the car at the heart of wealthy and young people, because they benefit in most cases.